Brand Manager | Graphic Designer | Web Designer | UX/UI | Austin, Texas

Karen Chisholm, Graphic Designer, Austin, TX

[ Karen Chisholm ] Brand Manager, Creative Director, Art Director, Graphic Designer, Web Designer, UX/UI Designer, Social Media Manager, Copywriter, Video Producer and Editor, Abstract Painter, Songwriter, Beach Bum, Lover of Peter Pan [ Hello ] Are you looking for a fun, smart, multi-talented creative who can predict trends and sees the world in a whole new way? Are you […]

Just for YETI

Karen Chisholm & Yeti in Death Valley

Hello YETI, This secret page is just for you! How has YETI been a part of my life you ask? Here it is: I’ve been doing graphic design and web development as far back to the time when people would ask “what is the internet?” I was well into an advertising, marketing and graphic design career when I randomly took […]