Gamer World News Branding Project

Gamer World News Fox News

Just a few years ago, I was retained by the CEO of  Gamer World NewsGayle Dickie,  to develop the  branding for their multi-million-dollar world-wide gaming and eSports entertainment and news media outlet. Headquarter in Los Angeles and a very  small company at the time, Gamer World News was still in the funding phase when Gayle contacted me. As a result of the branding work we did together, Gamer World News was able to raise the capital necessary to become what is now the “go-to source” for all  eSports news worldwide. Reporters for Gamer World News can be seen on major news networks like Fox Business Network and many more. I’m really proud of what Gayle has been able to accomplish in such a short period of time. With only a new big idea in her pocket, her perseverance and passionate belief in her vision has definitely paid off. Congratulations to Gayle and the entire team.