Herbal ZAP! Ad Tweaks


Herbal ZAP! Email Template AFTER


Original Zap Email Template

Herbal ZAP! had done a lot of work on their email template, but it just needed a little Pixie Grit.  Senior Designer, Karen Chisholm, waved her magic wand over this ad to take it from drab to fab in just under two hours. This project is a great example of how Pixie Grit Studios can collaborate with a client who has some basic Photoshop skills to take the project to the next level for half the cost.

By following just a few basic Pixie Grit magic rules, you too can transform your designs.

Open the box
Let objects float outside their boundaries and use gradient fills to soften edges. Karen wanted the photo of the herbs outside the edges as well, but the client actually took the photo that way. Not good, but she worked with it.

Ditch the CAPS
Please don’t use ALL CAPS for headlines unless you want to make a VERY BOLD statement. And if you are going to make a very bold statement, make sure your font makes a bold artistic statement as well.

Dump the drab
The colors were close, but not quite right. Karen perked up the oranges in the headlines, and cheered up the greens in the background. She also changed the text to a dark grey instead of black and changed the font to Calibri which instantly cheered up this ad.

Drop a shadow  
With the recent trend towards flat, I might get some push back here, but to me there will always be room for a well-placed drop shadow. However, don’t over use drop shadows or your objects will just start to blend in again.

Shout out the cool
7 million packets a month? Wow! That’s a lot of packets to lose in pile of ad copy. Call out that cool stuff by making it a graphic element.

Get some ZZZs
Headlines don’t need to be horizontal. Putting special headlines on an angle (in all caps with an artistic font) makes them stand out. People read in a Z-formation, so put those key elements in a left-right/stair-step pattern, not left-right/side-by-side checker board pattern. Could be why we fall asleep reading? Hmmm.

Did Karen miss something? Leave a comment and let us know how you would add your magic to this template.