Moving Sidewalks 99th Floor EP

Moving Sidewalks 99th Floor EPForty-three years after forming ZZ Top, Billy F. Gibbons and the original members of the psychedelic band from the 60s, The Moving Sidewalks, have come together to make music once again. Disbanded because two members were called to the war in Vietnam, the Moving Sidewalks were heavily influenced by the psychedelic sounds of Jimi Hendrix.

Karen Chisholm was called personally by Billy F. Gibbons to jump in at the last minute to create the inside disc art for their upcoming limited edition release of the EP for Austin Psych Fest. Under the exact direction of Mr. Gibbons, Karen also updated some of the sleeve art when the original sleeve artist was unavailable due to a family emergency.

Several members of the Pixie Grit Studios team were given VIP passes to the weekend event. Here are a few photos from the performance and Karen hanging with the band. Below you will see the one-of-a-kind magic that our photographer Rodney Bursiel can create no matter what the shooting circumstances are.


Taken from backstage during his performance by Rodney Bursiel.

Billy F. Gibbons, lead singer for The Moving Sidewalks. Pixie Grit Studios photographer Rodney Bursiel snagged this shot from backstage and created this beautiful work of art.