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Graphic Designer, Web Designer, UX/UI Designer, Austin, Texas - Karen Chisholm

Karen Chisholm ]

Brand Manager, Creative Director, Art Director, Graphic Designer, Web Designer, UX/UI Designer, Social Media Manager, Copywriter, Video Producer and Editor, Abstract Painter, Songwriter, Beach Bum, Lover of Peter Pan

Hello ]

Are you looking for a fun, smart, multi-talented creative who can predict trends and sees the world in a whole new way? Are you looking for someone who comes into work each day with contagious excitement? Are you looking for someone passionate about clean, responsive and creative design? If that sounds like you, then your search is over.

About Me ]

I am easy going, quick learner who rises to every design challenge and I thrive on deadlines and multi-tasking. I get a thrill out of producing clear messaging backed by creative, clean design. Coming up with those big ideas that make everyone want to come into the office every day is my sweet addiction. I love working with teams, take direction with enthusiasm, but also soar flying solo with little or no direction. I love brainstorming sessions, never get a bruised ego and love watching teamscome up with those profit producing ideas. I have advanced skills creating digital and print graphics using Adobe Creative Suite including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign. I have advanced skills producing and editing videos using Final Cut Pro. I also have advanced skills creating wireframes and prototypes using Sketch, Adobe XD and good old-fashioned pen and paper.

Creative Career Development ]

I graduated with honors from The University of Texas with a degree in Advertising and I  attend classes at night pursuing a degree in UX/UI Design. I started my career working for an ad agency, a publishing company and managing an in-house marketing department for a large real estate firm. Eventually I transitioned to freelance work so I could continue to work for each of those clients as well as bringing in new ones. Since then, I’ve done it all. From large corporate image rebranding projects and award-winning trade shows to web and package design for over 40+ large and small businesses and even rock stars like Billy F. Gibbons of ZZ Top. I am also an accomplished songwriter, music producer, abstract painter and lover of Peter Pan.

Below are highlights and most recent projects starting with my design studio experiences. I am usually working on projects for more than one client at a time, so the time frames overlap.

Experience ]

Pixie Grit Studios • Austin, TX • Owner, Senior Graphic Designer • 2008 to Present

  • I manage creative projects partnering with CEOs and business owners on branding, digital and print graphic design, marketing, web design, UX/UI design, product development and packaging, video and music production, trade show design and other creative projects.
  • Management of client relationships, deadlines and priorities, project proposals, pricing strategies and talent acquisition for big projects.
  • Brand Management and Graphic design for product packaging, logos, trade shows, websites, marketing materials, print materials and presentations.
  • Web design using HTML5/CSS, WordPress, Bootstrap, JavaScript and other client requested platforms.
  • Daily operations, office administration, financial and tax reporting, budgeting and invoicing.
  • Clients range from Oracle consulting firms, high-tech companies, software companies, commercial real estate and investment firms, marketing and ad agencies, and even rock stars like Billy F. Gibbons of ZZ Top.
  • Below are just a few of my recent projects.

Branding Project for Barber Entertainment


Industry Fund Technologies • Miami, FL • Brand Manager, Senior Graphic Designer • 2019

  • Partnered with founder on brand standards for multiple partner companies in commercial real estate investment.
  • Co-managed marketing department which included a copywriter, editor, social media manager, marketing director and data analyst.
  • Created digital graphics for marketing campaigns, collateral, investor documents, multiple partner websites, and social media accounts.
  • Designed signage for commercial properties.
  • Photographed employees and properties for use in web and print collateral.
  • Total graphic files created in 6 weeks: 9,284.

Holoma Product Development • Miami, FL • Product Developer, Senior Graphic Designer • 2108 to 2019

  • Designed products, logos and packaging for several nationwide retailers.
  • All work under a non-disclosure agreement.
  • Total graphic files created in nine months: 98,635.

Audio Fusion Systems  • Austin, TX • Brand Manager, Web Designer • 2017

  • Created branding, imaging and messaging for a start-up launch of an industry first software product.
  • Directed and produced photo and video shoots for product demos, trade show exhibits, website content and email marketing which also included hiring talent, production assistants and location scouting.
  • Designed all digital and print graphics for branding, website, marketing materials, presentations, trade show displays and press kits.
  • Wrote content for website, marketing materials and press releases.
  • Coordinated logistics for exhibition at the 2017 NAMM Trade Show and attended the trade show to nurture customer and industry relationships.
  • Total graphic/video files created in four months: 12,482.

Audio Fusion Branding


Sky Flask • Amarillo, TX • Brand Manager, Graphic & Web Designer, Package Designer • 2014 – 2016

  • Designed product packaging, logos and website for a retail product.
  • Consulted CEO on branding, marketing strategy and social media.

Sky Flask Packaging Mock-up

Gamer World News Entertainment • Los Angeles, CA • Senior Graphic Designer • 2016

  • Retained by CEO to create branding and logo designs during the funding phase of their multi-million-dollar Gamer World News Entertainment Media Outlet.

V-Grips • Savannah, GA • Graphic & Web Designer, Sales Consultant • 2015 to 2016

  • Consulted with product designer on branding, graphic design, messaging, product design and packaging.
  • Designed and created content for WordPress e-commerce website and social media.
  • Attended and created marketing materials for industry trade shows.

Suretone Entertainment • Los Angeles, CA • Graphic Designer • 2012 to 2019

  • Received national attention for custom artwork, fonts, guitar art and product packaging for Suretone client Billy F. Gibbons of ZZ Top.
  • Created album art, show posters and merchandise, VIP marketing materials and recreated lost original artwork for ZZ Top.
  • Created book cover designs and edited photographs for Mick Fleetwood’s autobiography.

Jungle Show Merchandise Mock-up

SmartDog Services Austin, TX • Brand Manager, Graphic & Web Designer • 2005 to 2015

  • Partnered closely with CEO on a rebranding and marketing campaign that resulted in a 400% increase in sales after only two years during intense corporate and employee stress after the company’s relocation to Austin.
  • Designed brand standards and messaging for the most prestigious trade show in the industry for which we received “Best of Show”.
  • Designed graphics for various corporate logos, 30+ service offerings logos and packaging, marketing materials, website, internal and client facing presentations.
  • Designed the main corporate services website and a separate e-commerce website launched to meet the demand for our award-winning marketing slogans and designs for which I created 12 illustrations that were branded on various products.
  • Transformed corporate work culture by redesigning office interior to match the popular branding. Designed and planned corporate events and activities to enhance employee satisfaction and unity.
  • Managed branding assets and trained employees on brand standards.

Best of Show


Zero Wait-State • Austin, Texas • Brand Manager & Graphic Designer • 2008 to 2014

  • Partnered with CEO and Sales VP on creative direction during rebranding which resulted in a 200% increase in profits in one year.
  • Designed graphics and wrote content during a large Joomla to WordPress migration with over 100 custom-coded pages.
  • Graphic design and messaging for rebranding corporate logos, product logos, trade shows displays, presentations, infographics, books, videos, print and social media.
  • Gave presentations and trained employees on brand standards.

Zero Wait-State Rebranding Project

The Touch Agency Dripping Springs, TX • Graphic & Web Designer • 2010 to 2014

  • Partnered with CEO on creative direction for their clients including brainstorming sessions, client pitch presentations and proposals.
  • Creative direction, web development and design, social media and graphic design for several of their nationwide clients.
  • Installed and designed WordPress websites, wrote CSS, HTML5, JavaScript and content for several grocery store products.
  • Designed product packaging, magazine ads, print collateral and on-line ads and graphics for training seminars and a podcast.
  • All work under a non-disclosure agreement.

Karen Chisholm • Austin, TX • Recording Artist, Songwriter • 2004 to 2015

  • Wrote, recorded and performed original, award-winning songs including 3 albums.
  • Wrote, directed, edited and appeared in 10 music videos.
  • Conducted radio interviews, performances, magazine, web and newspaper interviews.
  • Booked tour in over 20 states, wrote press releases and managed public relations and publicity for tours, album releases, shows and events.
  • Graphic design for marketing materials and album packaging, managed fan engagement and wrote content for website and marketing.
  • Directed full-production theatre show featuring special effects, lighting and choreographed videos and talent from The Voice.

[ Hard Skills ]

Creative Direction, Project Management, Messaging, Branding, Logo Design, Graphic Design, Web Design, UX/UI Design, Product & Services Development, Package Design, Social Media Management, Marketing Campaigns, Trade Show Displays and Logistics, Video Editing & Production, Photography, Copywriting.

[ Soft Skills ]

Leadership, management, multi-tasking, creative problem-solving, team collaborating, brainstorming, time-management, self-motivation, and self-confidence. Friendly, effective communicator, big picture thinker, trend predictor, and trend setter.

Tools ]

Advanced skills in Adobe Creative Suite including Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign. Advanced skills CorelDraw and other client requested design tools. Intermediate UX/UI skills using Adobe XD and Sketch. Advanced skills using WordPress, HTML/CSS, Bootstrap, and JavaScript. Advanced skills in video production using Final Cut Pro. Advanced skills using Microsoft office, Google products and many more client requested platforms.

Education ]

Bachelor of Science in Advertising • University of Texas • Honor Roll & Dean’s List

Associates Degree in UX/UI Design • Austin Community College • Honor Roll • Estimated Graduation 2019

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