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Graphic Designer, Web Designer, UX/UI Designer, Austin, Texas - Karen Chisholm

[ About Me ]

I am a creative freelance professional specializing in art direction, brand management, web and graphic design with 15 years of experience creating for a wide variety of industries and creative marketing agencies. Award-winning rebranding projects have resulted in an increase in sales from 100% to 400% within two years for multiple clients. Currently available for a full-time contract or full-time employment.

[ Industries ]

B2B & B2C | Investment Firms | Real Estate Firms | Software and High-Tech Companies | Oracle Consulting | Retail | Grocery Store Products | eSports and Gaming | Health Food Products | Ad Agencies | Marketing Agencies | Entertainment | Home & Office Decor Products | Household Products

[ Expertise & Skills ]

Art Direction | Brand Management | Project Management | Digital & Print Graphic Design | UX/UI Design | Web Design | Product Development & Package Design | Marketing | Video & Audio Production | Trade Show Marketing | Social Media Management | Budget Management |
Event Planning | B2B & B2C Customer Service | Content Creation | Press Releases | Leadership | Presentation | Public Speaking | Training

[ Select Accomplishments ]

  • Rebrand for mid-size Oracle consulting firm resulted in a 400% sales increase in two years.
  • Rebrand for a mid-size high-tech firm resulted in a 100% increase in sales in under one year.
  • Trade show strategy resulted in “Best of Show” for most prestigious trade show in industry.
  • Received national attention for branding and package design for Billy F. Gibbons of ZZ Top.
  • Package and product designs found in nationwide retail stores.

[ Education ]

Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising | University of Texas | Dean’s List & Honor Roll
Associates Degree in UX/UI Design | ACC | Honor Roll | Expected Graduation 2019

Creative Career Development ]

I graduated with honors from The University of Texas with a degree in Advertising and I  attend classes at night pursuing a degree in UX/UI Design. I started my career working for an ad agency, a publishing company and managing an in-house marketing department for a large real estate firm. Eventually I transitioned to freelance work so I could continue to work for each of those clients as well as bringing in new ones. Since then, I’ve done it all. From large corporate image rebranding projects and award-winning trade shows to web and package design for over 40+ large and small businesses and even rock stars like Billy F. Gibbons of ZZ Top. I am also an accomplished songwriter, music producer, abstract painter and lover of Peter Pan.

Below are highlights and most recent projects starting with my design studio experiences. I am usually working on projects for more than one client at a time, so the time frames overlap.

[ Experience ]

Pixie Grit Studios • Austin, TX • Owner, Senior Graphic Designer • 2004 to Present

  • I manage creative projects partnering with CEOs and business owners on branding, digital and print graphic design, marketing, web design, UX/UI design, product development and packaging, video and music production, trade show design and other creative projects.
  • Management of client relationships, deadlines and priorities, project proposals, pricing strategies and talent acquisition for big projects.
  • Brand Management and Graphic design for product packaging, logos, trade shows, websites, marketing materials, print materials and presentations.
  • Web design using HTML5/CSS, WordPress, Bootstrap, JavaScript and other client requested platforms.
  • Daily operations, office administration, financial and tax reporting, budgeting and invoicing.
  • Clients range from Oracle consulting firms, high-tech companies, software companies, commercial real estate and investment firms, marketing and ad agencies, and even rock stars like Billy F. Gibbons of ZZ Top.
  • Below are just a few of my recent projects.

Branding Project for Barber Entertainment

Industry Fund Technologies • Miami, FL • Senior Brand Manager, Senior Graphic Designer • 2019

  • Partnered with founder on brand standards for multiple partner companies in commercial real estate investment.
  • Co-managed marketing department which included a copywriter, editor, social media manager, marketing director and data analyst.
  • Created digital graphics for marketing campaigns, collateral, investor documents, multiple partner websites, and social media accounts.
  • Designed signage for commercial properties.
  • Photographed employees and properties for use in web and print collateral.
  • Total graphic files created in 6 weeks: 9,284.

Holoma Product Development • Miami, FL • Product Developer, Senior Graphic Designer • 2108 to Present

  • Designed products, logos and packaging for several nationwide retailers.
  • All work under a non-disclosure agreement.
  • Total graphic files created in nine months: 98,635.

Audio Fusion Systems  • Austin, TX • Brand Manager, Web Designer • 2017

  • Created branding, imaging and messaging for a start-up launch of an industry first software product.
  • Directed and produced photo and video shoots for product demos, trade show exhibits, website content and email marketing which also included hiring talent, production assistants and location scouting.
  • Designed all digital and print graphics for branding, website, marketing materials, presentations, trade show displays and press kits.
  • Wrote content for website, marketing materials and press releases.
  • Coordinated logistics for exhibition at the 2017 NAMM Trade Show and attended the trade show to nurture customer and industry relationships.
  • Total graphic/video files created in four months: 12,482.

Audio Fusion Branding


Sky Flask • Amarillo, TX • Brand Manager, Graphic & Web Designer, Package Designer • 2014 – 2016

  • Designed product packaging, logos and website for a retail product.
  • Consulted CEO on branding, marketing strategy and social media.

Sky Flask Packaging Mock-up

Gamer World News Entertainment • Los Angeles, CA • Senior Graphic Designer • 2016

  • Retained by CEO to create branding and logo designs during the funding phase of their multi-million-dollar Gamer World News Entertainment Media Outlet.

V-Grips • Savannah, GA • Graphic & Web Designer, Sales Consultant • 2015 to 2016

  • Consulted with product designer on branding, graphic design, messaging, product design and packaging.
  • Designed and created content for WordPress e-commerce website and social media.
  • Attended and created marketing materials for industry trade shows.

Suretone Entertainment • Los Angeles, CA • Graphic Designer • 2012 to 2019

  • Received national attention for custom artwork, fonts, guitar art and product packaging for Suretone client Billy F. Gibbons of ZZ Top.
  • Created album art, show posters and merchandise, VIP marketing materials and recreated lost original artwork for ZZ Top.
  • Created book cover designs and edited photographs for Mick Fleetwood’s autobiography.

Jungle Show Merchandise Mock-up

SmartDog Services Austin, TX • Brand Manager, Graphic & Web Designer • 2005 to 2015

  • Partnered closely with CEO on a rebranding and marketing campaign that resulted in a 400% increase in sales after only two years during intense corporate and employee stress after the company’s relocation to Austin.
  • Designed brand standards and messaging for the most prestigious trade show in the industry for which we received “Best of Show”.
  • Designed graphics for various corporate logos, 30+ service offerings logos and packaging, marketing materials, website, internal and client facing presentations.
  • Designed the main corporate services website and a separate e-commerce website launched to meet the demand for our award-winning marketing slogans and designs for which I created 12 illustrations that were branded on various products.
  • Transformed corporate work culture by redesigning office interior to match the popular branding. Designed and planned corporate events and activities to enhance employee satisfaction and unity.
  • Managed branding assets and trained employees on brand standards.

Best of Show


Zero Wait-State • Austin, Texas • Brand Manager & Graphic Designer • 2008 to 2014

  • Partnered with CEO and Sales VP on creative direction during rebranding which resulted in a 200% increase in profits in one year.
  • Designed graphics and wrote content during a large Joomla to WordPress migration with over 100 custom-coded pages.
  • Graphic design and messaging for rebranding corporate logos, product logos, trade shows displays, presentations, infographics, books, videos, print and social media.
  • Gave presentations and trained employees on brand standards.

Zero Wait-State Rebranding Project

The Touch Agency Dripping Springs, TX • Graphic & Web Designer • 2010 to 2014

  • Partnered with CEO on creative direction for their clients including brainstorming sessions, client pitch presentations and proposals.
  • Creative direction, web development and design, social media and graphic design for several of their nationwide clients.
  • Installed and designed WordPress websites, wrote CSS, HTML5, JavaScript and content for several grocery store products.
  • Designed product packaging, magazine ads, print collateral and on-line ads and graphics for training seminars and a podcast.
  • All work under a non-disclosure agreement.


Karen Chisholm • Austin, TX • Recording Artist, Songwriter • 2004 to 2015

  • Wrote, recorded and performed original, award-winning songs including 3 albums.
  • Wrote, directed, edited and appeared in 10 music videos.
  • Conducted radio interviews, performances, magazine, web and newspaper interviews.
  • Booked tour in over 20 states, wrote press releases and managed public relations and publicity for tours, album releases, shows and events.
  • Graphic design for marketing materials and album packaging, managed fan engagement and wrote content for website and marketing.
  • Directed full-production theatre show featuring special effects, lighting and choreographed videos and talent from The Voice.

[ Hard Skills ]

Creative Direction, Project Management, Messaging, Branding, Logo Design, Graphic Design, Web Design, UX/UI Design, Product & Services Development, Package Design, Social Media Management, Marketing Campaigns, Trade Show Displays and Logistics, Video Editing & Production, Photography, Copywriting.

[ Soft Skills ]

Leadership, management, multi-tasking, creative problem-solving, team collaborating, brainstorming, time-management, self-motivation, and self-confidence. Friendly, effective communicator, big picture thinker, trend predictor, and trend setter.

[ Tools ]

Advanced skills in Adobe Creative Suite including Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign. Advanced skills CorelDraw and other client requested design tools. Intermediate UX/UI skills using Adobe XD and Sketch. Advanced skills using WordPress, HTML/CSS, Bootstrap, and JavaScript. Advanced skills in video production using Final Cut Pro. Advanced skills using Microsoft office, Google products and many more client requested platforms.

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