‘Rhapsody’ is Going To Hollywood

Pixie Grit Studios and Karen Chisholm are pleased to announce that our animated film short ‘Rhapsody’ has been accepted as a FINALIST in the Annual Feel Good Film Festival held in Hollywood, Ca.

‘Rhapsody’ is a beautifully animated film short about a chance meeting in a quiet park between a nature lover and a musician that leads to an evening voyage through their imaginations to a magical world of adventure and ultimately to a beautiful and lasting friendship. Will they go back for more?  Inspired by the song ‘Rhapsody’ by Karen Chisholm, this animated film short is full of surprises and explosions of color and inspiration.

‘Rhapsody’ was produced by Karen Chisholm, of Pixie Grit Studios, and Troy Cambpell of Collection Agency Films.  The story was written, directed an animated by Dano Johnson & Cameron Petri, and illustrated by Cameron Petri.

About Collection Agency Films: Born in Austin, TX in 2005. Collection Agency Films strives to combine humor, animation, and music to create content that inspires, educates, provokes, and wins shiny trophies. We provide services for web & broadcast including writing, 2D animation, character design and illustration, editing, music scoring, and music supervision.  For more information contact:  Producer Troy Campbel @ campbelltroy[at]gmail[dot]com.

About Pixie Grit Studios: Pixie Grit Studios is a image and branding consulting company that provides Image and Corporate Branding, Marketing and Packaging, Web Design & Development, Social Media Management, Video & Audio Production. Founded by Principal Creative Agent Karen Chisholm nearly 20 years ago, Pixie Grit Studios is a one-stop boutique for all things creative.

About Feel Good Film Festival:   The Feel Good Film Festival is a non-profit film showcase encouraging the development, production, and distribution of short or feature length films with happy endings, that make audiences laugh, and that capture the beauty of our world. Live-action or animation, comedies or romantic comedies, fiction or non-fiction and films with happy endings are submitted to the Feel Good Film Festival. The winning projects will be entertaining, optimistic, humorous, or heartwarming and leave the audience feeling good.