Sauce Label Design for Billy F. Gibbons of ZZ Top

Billy F Gibbons Brand Sauces
A few years back we had a really fun design project for Billy F. Gibbons to develop some label designs for a new line of BBQ sauces. Were were up against several big name designers. At one point, we received word that our design had been chosen and we all celebrated big time. A few weeks later, we learned that plans had changed and the design was changed. Some of our work is still in there though, and (no hard feelings) we love the new design. We were invited to the launch party during SXSW and had a blast hanging with the team. The sauce is truly amazing, and we always keep some on hand.  The sauce piquant makes great “Billy Mary’s” and the BBQ sauce is addictive. You’ve gotta try it! Here’s a link to go getcha some – BFG Brand