The Rebranding of SmartDog Services

SmartDog Services

SmartDog Services is an Oracle consulting and services company that came to us at first for just a simple flyer redesign.  Originally named, DCC Services, the company became hooked on the design services of our Senior Designer, Karen Chisholm (on the left). Soon they brought her into marketing meetings and she eventually ended up leading up the entire rebranding.  Karen worked closely with the CEO, Scott Elequin (in the middle), to helped him rename the company to SmartDog Services. She redesigned their logo, developed the marketing slogan “Oracle Is Easy” which propelled interest in the packaged services astronomically!  Karen created marketing pieces, redecorated their offices, and we even created a whole line of products that they now sell on-line.  Karen won several trade show awards, including Best of Show at the 2010 Collaborate Show in Las Vegas, NV. Shown above is the team at the show with the award and you can see the booth design as well as their award-winning T-shirt designs (also created by Karen).

Animated Videos

Karen worked closely with CEO, Scott Elequin, to write the script for this fun series of animated videos to clearly communicate their flexible business model. A rare model in the world of Oracle consulting, this business model propelled Smartdog’s profits immediately. Karen created the artwork, animation and voiceover for the videos as well as did the editing.

Oracle Is Easy – Bob Needs A Friend

Oracle Is Easy – Bob Meets A Friend

Oracle Is Easy – Bob & SmartDog Best Friends Forever