‘Snow Globe Receives’ Top Prize in National Songwriting Competition

‘Rockin’ Moms selects song “Snow Globe” by Karen Chisholm as a top prize winner in their 2010 Songwriting Contest

Austin, TX – 01 September 2010

Wife, mother of two and popular Austin-based performing songwriter Karen Chisholm is proud to announce that her original song “Snow Globe” was selected as a top prize winner in the Rockin’ Mom’s 2010 Songwriting Contest.

“I am so honored and so thankful to have been selected. There are so many talented moms who participated, I feel so humbled to represent their hard work, soul and talent,” Chisholm said.

The contest theme this year was parenthood, and Chisholm won third place in this nationwide contest with a song she wrote for her daughter called “Snow Globe.”

Chisholm says about Snow Globe, “One night were taking down all the tinsel of the holidays, and I picked up a snow globe that we’ve had since my daughter was little. As I watched the glittery flakes fall in that magical world, I was transported to a day when she was just four playing in a rare Texas snow fall. She was laughing so loud, and her smile pentrated my soul like a million sunrays. It seems like it was just yesterday, but in a few short years, she will be driving off to college. All the sudden I felt so incredibly proud of how amazing it has been to share life with her and how proud I will be of her when she drives off that day, even though I’m sure there will be plenty of tears.”

An emerging artist, Chisholm is quickly rising above sea of singer-songwriting talent with original songs that range from addictive pop to dark, sensual blues to in-your-face rhythmic rock. With a sweet, pure voice and lyrics that live in your head, she brings life to the stage – the good and the bad – full of the sound of being human.

Chisholm has been through a lot in her young life, and the color of that experience is in every one of her songs. Raised by teenagers in Michigan, she found her own way in the world, landing in Texas to put herself through college, developing a career in music and graphic arts, and is now raising teenagers herself. She has survived the suicide of friends, battled thyroid cancer, struggles daily with Lyme disease, and helped her son overcome a physical disability. It’s all there in her songs – not the details, but the sound and the feeling of hard-earned wisdom.

Snow Globe is available on iTunes and was produced by Ramy Antoun (formerly Black Eyed Peas, Seal, Goldspot) in Austin Texas. On the song are: Karen Chisholm – vocals; Brian Batch (AlphaRev) – violins/viola; Jacob Hildebrand (Deadman) – guitars; Todd Pertl – lap steel/banjo; Sergio Andrade – bass; Ramy Antoun – percussion, bells. Chisholm will be releasing a music video for the song Snow Globe in November, and Snow Globe will appear on her debut album “Random Year” due to be released in October.

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